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What is it and how can it benefit Holy Cross Parish?

     Holy Cross Parish maintains an inventory of regular retailers.  Please see a copy of the current Scrip Order Form for this listing.  Most of our gift cards are purchased from Great Lakes Scrip who ships the cards to us as we purchase them.  There are several retailers that are ordered locally because we can get a larger discount or they are not handled by Great Lakes Scrip. (Example:  Festival Foods 3%, Fleet Farm 4%, Kwik Trip 5%, Hill Top Café 20%, and several others that we can purchase through St. Bernard’s Parish who handles our local scrip retailer ordering for us.)  Scrip is a source of fund-raising for the parish.  Gift cards are purchased at a discount and sold to parish families at face value.  The difference between the face value and the purchase price is retained by Holy Cross Parish and is used to offset our operating expenses.  In the case of Holy Cross School, Faith Formation and Notre Dame Academy families the discounted amount is applied to tuition (59%) with the balance (41%) retained by Holy Cross Parish to cover shipping with the balance applied to operating expenses.

     Discounts vary by retailers.   Discounts will range from 1.5% to 20%.  You can go to www.glscrip.com. and view a list of the retailers that are available for purchase.  Of course all retailers are not in the Green Bay area, but the selection is pretty extensive.  Some retailers will offer incentives from time to time and especially around some of the holidays.  (Example:  Express Convenience Centers are currently offering 10% rebate.  (The Express Convenience scrip program will end on 3/1/15)   Applebee’s has offered a 2% increase from 8% to 10%.  Home Depot increased their discount from 4% to 5% on occasion. Bath and Body Works offered an 18% discount at Christmas however, they have gone back to 13%, Kohl’s recently offered 7% instead of their normal 4%)  Kohl’s also is the only retailer that will allow you to pay your Kohl’s charge account with Scrip.  We try to take advantage of these offers as we replenish our inventory.  We have a computer program that maintains these records for each family.  We record purchases to increase our inventory and then sales are recorded and they will adjust our inventory accordingly.  We also produce reports on a monthly basis to determine the tuition and parish credits.   Most of our ordering is done on Monday morning which includes any special orders at that time.

     We are also able to contact Great Lakes Scrip and purchase 1 large card rather than several small denomination cards for some of the retailers.  This needs a little planning as it can take up to 2 weeks to purchase and receive these special cards.  (Example:  one card purchased for $1000 rather than having to purchase 40 - $25 cards).

     Think ahead for your vacations.  Some hotels, motels and car rentals offer discounts from 8% to 12%.  (Example:  Best Western Motels offer a 12% discount, Carnival Cruises & Choice Hotels 3%, & Avis Car Rental 8%).  If you have a business that uses a lot of fuel for your vehicles, you can purchase cards in $100, $250 and sometimes $500 denominations and Holy Cross Parish will benefit from the purchases.   

     You might also consider joining together with your family and friends when you make your purchases and at the same time Holy Cross will benefit from the purchases.  If you are doing this with a School Family, Faith Formation family, or a Notre Dame Academy family, the family that you support will receive the tuition credits.   In all cases, Holy Cross Parish benefits from your purchase and no check is written to Holy Cross.  We all have to purchase groceries, fuel for our autos, clothing and household goods, sundry items and etc.   Purchases can be made at the weekend Masses, Mondays 9:00 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Faith Formation Office and on Wednesday 12:30 p.m. until 2 p.m. and Friday mornings 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.


at the rectory.  Scrip is also available on Wednesday evening in the Holy Cross School lobby (5.45 p.m. until 7:15 p.m.) when Faith Formation Classes are in session.                                       

     The financial benefit from the use of scrip can be tremendous.  (Example:  If 200 parish families purchased $500 of scrip each month with a 4% average rebate, we could return $4000 to the parish monthly).  Multiply this amount times 12 months and Holy Cross Parish will bring in $48,000 to be applied toward our operating expenses.  How about that?  And not a single parishioner will have written an additional check to Holy Cross Parish.  Currently, about 65% of our School families have made Scrip purchases during the 2013-2014 school year as of this date.  Scrip is also being used by the Faith Formation families to apply to their tuition cost.  This will take into account about 120 parish families.  The 200 parish families used in the previous example does not include Holy Cross School or Faith Formation families.  We

now also offer this same benefit to families that have children attending Notre Dame Academy.


     In most cases, the scrip cards are debit cards and can be used until the balance of the card is consumed.

     We are also looking for individuals to help sell scrip at the weekend Masses.  If anyone is interested, please send an email to the email below or call Gary.

     If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding Scrip, please feel free to contact our Scrip Coordinator—Gary Davister at email (gld_pad@Sbcglobal.net) underscore between the gld and pad, or by phone at 468-0374.

Rev.:  3-11-2015

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