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December 11: From the Pastor's Desk ...

My Dear Parishioners,

Those who know me realize that I have an entire collection of sayings, many in Latin, that I frequently use in conversations. For example ,“tempus fugit” which means time flies bye, “Oremus pro invicem” = let us pray for one another, “apud nos” = just between us, and many, many more. One of my favorites, however, is the expression “Deus Providebit” which means “God will provide.” Last week when Lori gave me the bill for the church bell restoration she was exasperated because there was no way we could afford it at this time, given our financial condition. My response to her was “Deus Providebit.” Last weekend, at the end of each Mass, I informed you of the death of the church bell mechanism and asked for your help. After the 10 am Mass, some friends of mine from DePere came up to me and said, “Now we know why God had us come to Mass at Holy Cross this Sunday; we will take care of the restoration of your church bells.” A good example of “Deus Providebit.” Monday morning Lori gave the company the go ahead to replace the bell ringing mechanism. There is a good chance that they will be operational for Christmas - “Deus Providebit.”

A thank you is in order to parishioners Dave and Mary Neckuty who have sponsored the purchase of the two new “Roman Missals” and the laminated cards in the pews in memory of their mothers, Eleanor R. Neckuty/Herriges and Agnes G. Johann. We will hold them in prayer each time we offer the Eucharist in our church. Thank you both for these important gifts.

Please remember that this weekend the 2nd collection is for the retired priests, sisters, and brothers who have served the American church so very well for so many years, and now in their old age, are in need of our continued support and care. Please be generous, and in the event you are not prepared to offer anything this weekend, you can always send an envelope in to the office marked “Retirement Fund for Religious.”

Kindly also keep in mind the hungry in our midst. There are so many this time of the year and with the state of unemployment and the poor economy, their number continues to grow. If each of us only gave one non-perishable food item, there would be so very much to bring to St. Pat’s Pantry.

Last but not least, please remember your Parish this Christmas by making a special “Christmas Gift” to help it during these difficult economic times.

Oremus pro invicem,

Fr. Tom

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