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November 6: From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

Congratulations to Andrea and Troy Dalebroux on the Baptism of their son, Alexander Kael, at the 4 pm Mass this weekend. Let us hold them in prayer as they begin the lifelong journey of passing on their Catholic faith to their newborn son.

A member of the parish recently brought to my attention that the cross in our Pioneer Cemetery has fallen to the ground. It was not a result of vandalism but simply caused by age, weather, and rotting of the foundation. In addition to informing me of this, they also handed me a check to cover the expense of fixing the situation. My question is … is there a parishioner or group of parishioners that would like to take this situation upon themselves and fix our cemetery cross? If so, please either see me or call the parish office. This month of November we remember in a very special way our beloved dead, and I can think of no better way to do this than to restore the cross in our oldest cemetery which holds the mortal remains of our earliest members. May they rest in peace under the shadow of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

As I mentioned last week, this month of November is a month during which we can count our blessings, remember our beloved dead, and give thanks to Almighty God. One way to thank God is by sharing with those who have little or nothing. Our “St. Pat’s Pantry Food Basket” is once again in front of our altar reminding us to bring a nonperishable food item for the poor. I asked St. Pat’s Pantry if they had a list of foods and items that are in high demand, and this list can be found in another part of this week’s bulletin. I suggest that you check it out and perhaps we as a parish can provide those most basic items to the pantry and the people they serve. If you would be comfortable making a monetary donation to the pantry, please put it in an envelope marked “St. Pat’s Pantry,” and we will make certain that it gets there. Monetary donations make it possible for the pantry to purchase much needed items. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

I want to express a thank you to Dan Drossart, our Financial Trustee, for speaking to you at all the Masses this weekend about the material and financial aspects of our parish. Recent years have seen an almost total depletion of our reserve fund to make up for what we have not received in sacrificial giving. As a result, the day is coming—is actually quite near—when we will not have funds to pay our operating expenses. We should all be concerned about that. Kindly give Dan’s message some serious thought, reflection, and action. One suggestion that I, as your pastor, would like to offer is that Christmas is coming and all of us are usually most generous with gift giving to our family members, children, and close friends. I would like to suggest that you add one more to your gift giving list … why not try to make a very generous gift to your parish this Christmas?!

Please also remember that this Friday, November 11th, we as a parish provide a meal for the hungry at the N.E.W. Community Shelter/Room at the Inn. If you are willing to make a stew, jello salad, or bars, please call Lynn Meyers – her phone number is 866-9194.

Oremus pro invicem,
Fr. Tom

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