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Nov. 20 - From the Pastor's Desk ...

My Dear Parishioners,

First of all I want to wish all of you a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day and holiday. Keep in mind that Mass on Thanksgiving Day is at 9 am. Why not begin this special holiday and the beginning of the Advent/Christmas season by coming to Mass and giving thanks for all the blessings you and we have. Always remember that everything we have, and I mean everything, is GIFT. We come into this world with absolutely nothing and can take nothing with us when we leave, and so all we have is gift, and for all the gifts we pause and give thanks.

Keep in mind that the parish office will close for the holiday on Wednesday at noon and will be closed until 8:30 am on Monday, November 28th. Also please note that I am taking a day off on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and there will be no 8 am Mass that day.

As announced in last week’s bulletin, I am having out-of-town guests for the Thanksgiving holiday – Dr. George Cunningham and his wife, Pat, and his sister, Karen, will be coming from Wilmington, Delaware, and will be here until Monday, November 28th. Should you see them, kindly give them a warm Holy Cross welcome.

For the past few months we have been preparing for the transition in our Mass and liturgy to the New Edition of the Roman Missal which will take place next weekend, November 26th and 27th. I feel that we as a parish are well prepared for this move, but I ask your patience and understanding and know that it will take us time to get used to the new language and new form of prayers. Please use the laminated cards, which contain all the changes you need to incorporate into your prayers printed in bold type. The hymnals also have all the new texts. The readings from the Scripture will remain the same; no changes with them. Also, I will give you directions for those times when we are to kneel or stand that are different from what we are used to doing.

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 30th, because that is the date for our Advent celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Services will be at 1 pm and 7 pm in the evening. At the 7 pm service, our young children who have been preparing for First Holy Communion will make their First Reconciliation. If you have not been to confession for a long time, please consider taking advantage of this grace-filled time – there will be a number of visiting priests at each service. Is God calling you to come to confession?

Oremus pro invicem,

Fr. Tom

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