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Scrip Update and Important Information

TONY ROMA'S: This will be a new retailer available with $25 cards and 12% rebate. At the present time this will be a "special order" retailer for Holy Cross.


Updates to the Holy Cross Scrip Program as we transition our purchasing to St. Bernard’s Parish for local retailers.

NEW>> Bay East Animal Hospital: $50 3% rebate (special order)

Bay Family Restaurant: We will no longer handle after the current inventory is sold.

NEW>>Culvers: $20 6% rebate (in current inventory)

NEW>>Grazies Restaurant: $20 10% rebate (special order)

NEW>>Josephine’s Attic: Any $ amount 10% rebate (special order)

Lindeman’s Dry Cleaning: We will only be carrying the $10 certificates with the 8% rebate. (Special Order)

Mackinaw’s: We currently have $20 certificates in inventory. When these sell out, we will be replacing them with $10 certificates with the same 10% rebate.

PDQ Car Wash: We will no longer carry the $12 certificates. We do have some currently in inventory. We will have the $14 certificates in inventory after the $12 certificates are sold. We will still be able to get the $18 and $22 certificates as “special order”. All future certificate purchases of PDQ Car Wash will be offering a 17% rebate vs. the current 5%.

NEW>>St. Brendan’s: $25 10% rebate (special order)

NEW>>U-Bake: $10 & $20 5% rebate (special order)

Woodman’s: $50 5% rebate vs. the current 4%

Subway: $10 3% rebate vs. the current 6%. St. Bernard’s is unable to reach a deal with the Local Subway management so we will purchase from Great Lakes Scrip Center .

University Super Valu: After we sell out of the current supply of $10 and $25 certificates, we will be buying direct from the retailer and will be switching to $25 cards. The cards can be used as a debit card and if your purchase is less than $25 the balance will remain on the card for your next purchase.

Hope that this will help everyone. If you have any questions about an item that you are concerned as to whether we have it in inventory or can get it please email me and I will try to help you out. Sorry for some of the changes but this will be a better process for Holy Cross.

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