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My greatest joy in sharing my faith as a Faith Formation catechist has been...

* “Sometimes my students think I have never been challenged in my faith, and then when I share the difficult times of my life and how prayer helped me through, they seem to feel relieved to know everyone questions God at times. They also see the power of prayer in their lives.”

* “The fact that the teachers cooperate with one another. Our program provides an abundance of material for the students to learn in diverse and imaginative ways. The excitement our students brought to learning and growing in their faith. They had cooperative attitudes and that made facilitating the material so much easier.”

* “The students, they were a real joy! I really appreciate the support and encouragement I got. I felt appreciated! I can still relate to young people even at my advanced age, and to realize that I am serving my God. I believe age is never a barrier and I am grateful God can still use me as His witness.”

* “The in-services and the commitment of the teachers. The kids who “get it” because they have parents who “live” their faith.”

* “Passing on my faith to the students, that “missioning.” Plus, that we have the support to do so! When you see them understand the great importance Christianity (Catholic Faith) plays in our everyday life.”

* “I found the lesson plans and activities were easy to follow. Every Wednesday I was excited to meet with my class and we always learned from each other’s life experience stories that related to the session at hand. It was pure joy learning what the young students had to say about how God had affected them in some way at some time in their lives. I always kept an upbeat attitude and kept the students focused on the topics so that they would not find faith formation boring.”

* “The enthusiasm of the students and other teachers, as well as the Faith Formation Director. Seeing my students express their individual commitment to their faith during the sacrament of Confirmation. It was obvious that even the most “cynical” students were moved by the occasion.”

* “The flexibility of the program with regard to lessons; not all students learn the same way. I love watching my students learn and learning from them.”

* “Being myself, and conveying to my students that as humans we make mistakes, but that God gives us a chance to make up for those bad decisions.”

* “Helping to increase my student’s faith so that in times of need or pressure they can make and do the right thing.”

* “Watching the students grow and share their faith experiences. Seeing their enthusiasm for learning the Bible, prayers, and participation in skits.”

* “How much they are open to their faith, and how much they enjoy faith sharing. They enjoy stories and searching for Bible passages and locating them in the Old and New Testaments. Introducing them to the rosary and the lives of the saints.”

* “The last day of class when a student said while leaving the classroom, ‘Thank you for teaching me this year!’”

* “I’m learning too! There are times when I really felt like I connected with my students.”

* “Drawing on my own personal experience when it really fit the topic and situation and it just “clicks.” The evening the priest came to discuss vocations was one of those times that stands out in my mind.”

* “Facilitating discussions, encouraging their thoughts and questions. Their genuine interest in faith. I admire families who make the commitment to faith formation in their children.”

* “Teaching them about Jesus and being Catholic. Teaching them about how to be good Christians.”

* “We had a really great group this year! They all knew why they were in class and enjoyed their time in class. It was really great seeing how they have grown in every way.”

* “Witnessing the transition from disinterest to involvement by the majority of the students in my class.“

* “Seeing my students in church/school/anywhere outside of religion class and having them wave at me!“

We invite you to come and find out what these people are so “joyful” about! We will be having an informational meeting for anyone interested in learning about serving as a Catechist (teacher) in our Faith Formation Program. There will be an opportunity to look over our student books, teacher manuals, curriculum, and schedule.

WHO: Those interested in more information about being a Catechist (Faith Formation teacher).
WHAT: New Catechist Information Meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, Aug. 17, 6:30 pm
WHERE: Faith Formation Office
WHY: Because YOU are called to share your faith!

Any questions? Please give Marti a call in the Faith Formation Office at 468-6554. I look forward to hearing from you!

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