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August 21: From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

This past week our school teachers and staff returned and are in the process of getting ready for the beginning of a new school year. This year brings a great deal of change to our parish grade school as it is now an integral part of the GRACE system. This new venture is filled with a lot of apprehension as we begin to do things in an entirely different manner than in the past, but it also brings with it the challenge and excitement of being part of something larger than ourselves. The GRACE system is a step forward in Catholic Education, and I invite you to join me in holding in prayer this new venture and asking Almighty God to watch over, guide, and protect our school and the other member schools. I also ask you and our staff to be patient and understanding as we move forward because as in any new venture there will be problems, kinks to be worked out, problems to be solved, etc. Always keep in mind that Holy Cross School has been here in Bay Settlement educating our children for more than 140 years and I anticipate that it will continue for at least 100 more years. With that sense of vision we can move forward into the future with great confidence and the assurance of God’s abundant blessings.

I would like to also mention that with the air conditioning of the 2nd floor classrooms, the art/computer room, and the school library, Holy Cross School can now boast that all of our classrooms are air conditioned and climate controlled. Thanks again to Jay Thompson and his company and also John Baenen for making this project possible.

This past Thursday, Lori and I attended an all day program sponsored by the Diocese at St John’s in Howard dealing with the “NEW ROMAN MISSAL” and its implementation which will take place the first Sunday of Advent, November 27th. As was brought out at this workshop, this is a major undertaking for our church, our diocese, and our parish. I will be offering another series of Sunday homilies dealing with the changes and will also be providing every household with a booklet explaining the changes. I ask that you be open to the changes. Keep in mind that not only do we have to learn new ways of praying and new words to recite, but we priests have to learn all over again how to offer the Eucharist because a lot of the prayers recited by the priest have been changed. So we can learn together and together we can continue to worship our God and Almighty Father.

I realize it is a number of weeks away, but I ask you to mark your calendars for Saturday evening, September 10th, for our PARISH FALL FEST. This year the food for the festival will be chili – and an opportunity to try a number of different chili recipes. It sounds like a lot of fun and it is a golden opportunity to kick off the Fall season by bringing together all aspects of our parish family to have a social together. Please consider coming and sharing with the entire parish community.

Finally, Football season is upon us and with that “FOOTBALL MANIA”. Please support this Parish fundraiser. I have purchased my tickets; have you purchased yours?

Oremus pro invicem,
Fr. Tom

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