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July 30: From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

On the feast of Pentecost this year (June 12), Bishop David Ricken issued a Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of Green Bay, “ Parishes: Called to be Holy, Fully Engaged, Fully Alive.” In this letter the Bishop calls all parishes to engage our dreams for the future in the following pastoral areas: Evangelization; Youth, Young Adults and Family; Leadership; Education; Eucharist; and Dignity of Human Life. We have been called during the next three years to focus on two of these initiatives each year. Copies of the Bishop’s pastoral letter are available in the front entrance of the church.

In preparation for this program, the Pastoral Council has discussed how we view and function as a parish community. As a result of its discussion, the Council felt that we have to be thinking in terms of “us” rather than in terms of individual components, e.g. school, faith formation, athletics, etc. This change in thinking carries over into many aspects of parish life. As a result of this, the Pastoral Council, in union with all the components of the parish, has applied this to the concrete situation of fundraising. This coming year all fundraising activities will come under the umbrella of the parish. Each and every fundraising activity will be considered a parish event. While most of the fundraising will target certain areas of parish life, for example the Auction = school, all members of the parish community will be asked to participate in and support the activity.

No component of the parish should feel left out, but with this new way of thinking should feel an important and vital part of parish life. Let me give you a specific example of how the parish benefits from our fundraising activity. Last Spring we supported a parish-wide but school-led fundraiser called “Hoops Mania” which raised just over $3,700. The three classrooms on the second floor of the school have been literal “saunas” in both the Fall and Spring. It was decided to use this $3,700+ to climate control these areas. Obviously, it was not enough money to do the project, but with the generosity of parishioner Jay Thompson and his company, who agreed to pick of the remaining cost of the project, these three classrooms will be air conditioned for the opening of school. This will benefit both our day school teachers and students as well as our faith formation catechists and students. In other words, the entire parish benefits.

As this program goes into effect, I ask that all aspects of our parish, all activities, programs, etc., see this new fundraising policy not as a threat to their individual program but a positive step in being part of a dynamic, caring, and supportive faith community which seeks to support, maintain, and meet all the needs of our various programs. I also ask the parish membership to participate and fully support the various activities throughout the year. This weekend we “kick off” Football Mania. If you need more tickets to buy or sell, they are available in the school and parish office.

Oremus pro invicem,
Fr. Tom

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