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July 3: From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

I do wish you all an enjoyable and happy 4th of July holiday. Remember to give thanks to Almighty God for the good country in which we live and for all the freedoms that we enjoy. As a former Philadelphian, I remind you that the 4th of July commemorates the issuance of the Declaration of Independence which was announced on July 4th, 1776, in the city of Philadelphia, PA. This historic document declared our independence from England and of course marked the beginning of the War of Independence and the birth of our nation. The building from which this document was issued is now called Independence Hall, and in a new building located in this national park you may see the Liberty Bell. Philadelphia is a wonderful destination if you would like to learn more about our nation’s early beginnings.

We welcome a new member of our Holy Cross Parish Family this weekend with the Baptism of Marah Barbara Stefl, daughter of John and Kim Stefl. May you grow in the grace of our Risen Lord.

A big THANK YOU to Mike and Tina Reignier and Nikki Goral, co-chairs of our Annual Parish Picnic and all the members of their various committees and everyone who gave of their time, talent, and other gifts to make this year’s Annual Parish Picnic the great event that it was. Mother Nature cooperated and gave us a perfect day. I enjoyed my spot in the center of things and got to see lots of people and parishioners. A special thank you to Ben Gersek and his crew who worked long hours to make our BOOYAH. Many people commented to me about how good they thought it was, and not being a “Booyah person,” I decided to try it myself and found it to be delicious. It appears that all who came had a good time and enjoyed the great food, drink, and fellowship. Thanks again to all!

On Friday, July 1st, our Holy Cross Parish grade school officially transitioned to the “GRACE” System. We wish GRACE the best as they consolidate and operate all the Catholic grade schools in the City of Green Bay. This is a major change and a monumental undertaking, and I ask your prayers and support for the new system. I will be using the homily time after Labor Day to give you a full report on what this transition means for us, cost factors, etc.

I would like to correct an error in our bulletin two weeks ago. It was parishioner Nancy Beckers whose brother, John Nick, passed away, not Nancy Prevost. Please accept our apologies and our sympathy.

Oremus pro invicem,
Fr. Tom

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