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Classmates Gather at Holy Cross Parish Picnic

Members of the class of 1958 (pictured below) reunited for a weekend of fun and reminiscing at the Holy Cross Parish Picnic this summer.

HCCS alumnus Richard Strebel shared the following photo of his class in eighth grade.

He reports:
"The eighth grade class is pictured on the right & the 7th grade class is pictured on the left. The photo was taken in 1958. There were 25 students in our class (22 in our graduating class - the other 3 changed schools after the 6th or 7th grade). Twenty two out of the 25 students are still alive.

"Our teachers at Holy Cross were: Grade 1 & 2: Sr. Mary Peter, Grade 3 & 4: Sr. Lucy, Grade 5: Sr. Cletus, Grade 6: Sr. Lucy, Grade 7 & 8: Sr. Jane Frances."
Below, the class of 1958 leaves their mark on a chalkboard at HCCS. More long lasting, however, is the mark they and all alumni leave as part of the legacy of Catholic education at Holy Cross.

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