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Book review: Kids pray the darndest things

We Pray: A Collection of Prayers from Holy Cross Catholic School at Bay Settlement by Holy Cross staff ($7.00 at St. Catherine's Book Shop in Green Bay)

It is true that kids say the darnest things, even when they pray.

The proof is in We Pray, a collection of prayers by the students and staff of Holy Cross Catholic School, Bay Settlement.

Conversation with God is an important part of the school’s mission, says Robin Jo Jensen, school principal. In the introduction, she explains the genesis of the book, in which the students share their conversations with God. The school teaches the tenets of the Catholic faith through CARE: Conversations with God, attitude, respect and effort.

“We teach the students to talk to God often, to share the good and the bad, the celebrations and the struggles, the joy and the pain; and, to thank Him for the many gifts he has given each of us. Prayer should be a personal experience and an intimate connection with our loving God,” she writes.

Her students have learned their lessons well. In addition to some thoughtful reflection, they also entertain us – just as we would expect.

In the section on “Beauty, Blessings and Bounty,” students says thanks for the sun, food, families and friends. They are especially thankful for food. There must be good cooks at that school!

Other categories are challenges, death, forgiveness, gratitude, health, holidays, school, sports, suffering and special requests. It concludes with a section on communal prayer and suggests for such prayer.

The young people are very specific in their requests. Jacob wants everyone to get candy on Valentine’s Day. Lauren wants all the new puppies and kitties to be safe. Several offered prayers for snow days (but one asked that driveways be avoided so we don’t have to shovel), and good grades. Ryan asks God to “help the lunch ladies make good food and please make sure it is safe.”

Many ask for the safe return of our military troops and for those hit by natural disasters.

They show they are truly a Caring Community.

The book is available through St. Catherine's book store, 131 South Madison St. Green Bay, WI 54301,(920) 432-0078, http://www.stcatherinebookshop.com/.

Jean Peerenboom is the former religion/books editor from the Green Bay Press Gazette. She writes a monthly book review for the Holy Cross Family Blogspot.

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