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June 26: From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners and Guests,

“WELCOME TO THE ANNUAL HOLY CROSS PARISH PICNIC.” We warmly welcome all who have come to celebrate the Eucharist with us this weekend and to attend our Annual Picnic. We do hope that you will enjoy yourself and taste the wide varieties of foods and drink that we have to offer. We welcome the children and hope that they will enjoy the games, fun, and good times that are available just for them.

This weekend, we here at Holy Cross welcome Father Bob Groher , a priest of the Diocese of Green Bay, who will speak to us at the homily time about the organization which he serves called “FOOD FOR THE POOR.” This Catholic Charity devotes a major portion of its time and resources ministering to the poorest of the poor, the people of Haiti. We are all well aware that those people suffered a horrendous earthquake and we responded to their initial need, but that need still continues and so we invite you to listen to Father Bob and next week we will have a second collection to support this need. For our guests who would like to contribute something this week, special envelopes are available.

This Tuesday, June 28th, Bishop Ricken will be offering a special Mass at the Cathedral at 5:00pm to initiate the “GRACE” school system which begins its operation of all Catholic Schools in Green Bay on July 1st. All are invited to attend and there will be a reception following the Mass. If you need more information, please contact the parish office.

Kindly hold in prayer parishioner Dan Hoffmann who died on Saturday, June 18th, his wife, Armella, and his family who mourn his passing. Dan has been quite ill and I visited him both in the hospital and nursing home before he and his wife moved recently to be closer to his children who could give him the care and attention he needed. May he rest in peace.

A special word of Thanks to Mike and Tina Reignier and to Nikki and Paul Goral – all of whom chaired our Annual Picnic — and to all their helpers and workers. The picnic is a year-long task which involves many, many meetings, lots of planning, and recruitment of volunteer workers. It is also the major fundraiser for our parish, so know that all who have worked on and planned this year’s picnic – you are deeply appreciated.

Oremus pro invicem,
Fr. Tom

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