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'Yes, that too is forgivable!'

May we find ways during this Lenten season to grow spiritually. To see more clearly how the Holy Spirit touches our lives and how we can become more willing to ask for the Spirit's guidance in our life. This Lenten season can be a time of improving ourselves, because whenever we meet God we are called to change. How do we need to change our lives?

We have just started formal preparation for First Holy Communion with our second graders and their families. I remember a few years back when a second grader who was preparing for First Reconciliation asked me this question. "If you killed people all your life and took God's name in vain a million times, and were really, really mean, would God forgive you if you asked right before you died?"

Don't you love these kinds of questions? Some days they challenge us, other days they frustrate us. We teach that God is a loving and forgiving God, merciful and compassionate too. Why is it so hard for a second grader, or anyone for that matter to comprehend that? Maybe it sounds to good to be true! Maybe we can't understand things that are not within our own experience!

During this season of Lent we need to remind ourselves and our children that God forgives us no matter what we've done! That love and mercy God offers is free for the taking. We just need to ask! Our second graders who celebrated their First Reconciliation last December, are often experts at posing really horrific sins, and terrible scenarios that would seem hopeless and unforgivable. It is so satisfying to be able to always say, "Yes, that too is forgivable!" Our Lenten Penance Services here at Holy Cross are coming up on Wednesday, April 6 at 1:00 & 7:00pm. As you prepare yourselves to celebrate the forgiveness of our loving God, remind your children that God is there to love and forgive them, no matter what. What a joy it is to live like we really believe that!

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