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March 19/20: From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

I do hope that this past week you have given some thought to perhaps volunteering some of your time and talents to our parish’s liturgical ministry. This weekend we reflect on good stewardship which everyone can do and that is our ministry of prayer. More about that during homily time. Please note that if you would like to hear the weekend homily, you may now do so by visiting our parish website. That is a new feature of the site thanks to Cathy Zehms, who is doing an outstanding job of keeping the site up to date and filled with many additional features.

As most of you know, home ownership is a wonderful privilege and brings us a great deal of joy, but it sometimes is costly. This was brought home to me recently in some issues with our Parish house, the Rectory. As I announced at all the Masses last week, our telephone lines and system stopped functioning on Thursday, March 10th. In spite of telephone calls to various companies, it was Monday morning and we were still without any telephone service. Between AT&T and our phone provider, service was able to be restored to our second line (468-0719) and our fax line (468-4764). We are presently using the fax line for regular telephone service and use it as a fax line only when it is needed. Our primary line (468-0595) has not been able to be used. We are presently looking into the practicality and cost of having a wireless phone system in the rectory. None of this has been budgeted, and with sacrificial giving down, we have to seek a way to pay for it.

The second issue is regarding water service to the rectory and church. I informed you earlier that water service to the former convent, rectory, and church are inter-connected, and we must shortly disconnect from the convent before it is torn down. This must be done as soon as the ground will permit digging, etc. The estimated price for this is around $5,000. Again we had not budgeted for this item.

The third issue regards the natural gas service to the rectory and church. For the past 5 years, representatives from Public Service have come to us in early February of each year to inform us that we must correct the way their gas is delivered to our buildings. The time has come, with the tearing down of the convent, when we must act on this situation. Again we had not budgeted for this repair, which could exceed $3,000.

The fourth issue is one of security for the rectory. With the recent home invasion and theft of property in our area, it was decided to install an alarm system in the rectory. Martin Security did an outstanding job, and I can honestly say that I feel a great deal better when I am alone in the rectory at night. But, again, we did not budget for this item.

One solution to the above was offered by a lay leadership group of the parish. Throughout my years here, parishioners have told me to make known to them any outstanding needs that we as a parish have, apart of the normal everyday expenses of running the parish. So with that in mind, you know some of our needs, and if you would like to make a special contribution to help us pay the above expenses, simply put a check in an envelope, mark the check “Special Projects” and put it in the collection basket or drop it off in the rectory. Any and all contributions will be deeply appreciated.

Oremus pro invicem,
Fr. Tom

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