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$crip Update: Several Merchants Offering Bonuses

Submitted by Gary Davister, $crip coordinator.

Mariott Hotels is offering a 2% Bonus thru 2/25/11. This will be a 10% rebate vs. 8%. This will include the J.W. Marriott Hotels, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Springhill Suites and Residence Inns This is a special order retailer. This may help people who might be using Mariott for Easter or spring break.

Staples is offering a bonus value with their gift cards thru 2/25/11. A $25 card will be worth $26.25 and a $100 will be worth $105. The rebate will be 5% of the face value of the gift card. Example: A $105 card will still have a rebate of $5. This is a special order retailer.

Nutrisystem is now available with 12% rebate. Nutrisystem is a weight loss system consisting of foods and nutritionally balanced meal plans. This will be a special order retailer.

Gap/Old Navy is offering a 5% bonus from 2/26/11 thru 7/20/11 (yes July). This will be a 14% rebate vs. 9%. This will include Gap, Old Navy, & Bananna Republic. Great timing for Easter, Graduation and maybe even back to school . We currently have a few cards in inventory at both the $25 and $75 denomination. The $75 cards have a 14% rebate. Gap will be a special order retailer unless several people express interest in the cards.

Itunes is offering a 3% bonus from 2/26/11 thru 3/25/11. The rebate will be 8% vs. 5%. We normally carry Itunes in inventory so the bonus will be available after current inventory is sold and cards ordered after 2/26/11 are added to our inventory.

Journeys is offering a 3% bonus beginning 2/26/11 thru 3/18/11. The rebate will be 13% vs. 10%. This also includes Journeys Kidz and Shi by Journeys. This is a special order retailer for Holy Cross.

THANK YOU to eveyone who continues to use the scrip card program. We continue to have great results because of your loyal support of the program. Not only is it assisting with tuition credit but it is also helping Holy Cross Parish with additional income from the Scrip Program.

Questions? Contact the parish office at 920.468.0595 or holycross@new.rr.com.

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