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The Jadin Family's Generations of Faith

By Joan Jadin

It warms my heart to think that my grandparents on both sides, Henry and Pauline Van Lanen and Joseph and Odile Le Mieux both belonged to Holy Cross Church. Their faith was deeply instilled in our family.

Pictured above from left to right is: Dawn Jadin, Lynn Jadin, Joan Jadin, Dan Jadin, Danny Jadin, Sam Jadin and Fr. Tom Hagendorf, O. Praem., Pastor. Not shown is Mike Jadin, a lector.

Today, our family is very involved in our parish, Holy Cross Church. My husband, Norbert Jadin, was a lector for over 40 years. Our son Dan and his wife Dawn are Eucharistic Ministers along with myself and our son Mike's wife Lynn. Mike Jadin, our son, is a lector and Mike & Lynn's three sons, Matthew, Sam and Dan, are altar servers. This makes three generations all serving at the same Mass. The fourth generation, Kayleigh Jadin, sings in the pew with Adam, the fourth son of Mike and Lynn Jadin.

Norbert and Joan Jadin with grandchildren at family Christmas Pageant.

The Christmas celebration doesn't end at church - it's just the beginning of a family celebration which has been taking place for 20 years. Each year when our family gets together, we have a Christmas play. For many years there was always a baby Jesus. As time went on we used a doll, but last year Kayleigh (the 4th generation) was born and she was baby Jesus. Grandpa Jadin (Norbert) does the narrating and I lead the singing. We now have a large choir and many drummers to help with the singing. The question is always, "who will be Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus?" and "Who wants to be the Angel or the Inn Keeper?" We give credit to JoAnn Jadin for starting the Christmas Play and keeping it going over the past 20 years.

Norbert and I have six children, Tom & Ann Jadin, Julie & Rob Sperber, Ron & JoAnn Jadin, Dan & Dawn Jadin, Cathy & Rick Ripley, and Mike & Lynn Jadin. We have 16 grandchildren and one great grandchild to help keep the play alive and filled with the Spirit of Christ. What more can we ask for.

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