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Celebrate National Vocations Week with Your Family

By Faith Formation Director Marti Burkard

This week we are observing and celebrating National Vocations Week in our diocese. Our primary call from our Baptism is to follow Christ as His disciples. Within the call to follow Christ, we hear the call to a specific vocation in the way we live our lives. Those calls include vocations to the married life, to the single life, to the consecrated life and the ordained life.

God calls us by name to our vocation. This week, take some time our of your busy schedule to gather and begin talking about your name. How did you get your name? What does it mean to you? (Parents may tell the story of how they chose the name if children don't know. It may be interesting to find out what the name means.)

Each person takes a piece of paper and writes her / his name lengthwise in big letters. With the first letter write a quality that you have which begins with that letter. For instance:

Pass your paper to the person to your left. You will receive a paper and will write down a quality that starts with the second letter. Continue to pass the papers from person to person until it gets back to you. If your name is extra long ask others to help you complete your qualities. You may wish to decorate the page and hang it where you can see it often. By helping our children recognize their giftedness it allows them to see the importance of sharing those gifts not only within your home (the Domestic Church), but within our larger Holy Cross Parish family as well. As a family, consider writing a note of gratitude to Fr. Tom or Sister Sharon or Sister Carolyn or Deacon Jim and thank them for sharing their gifts with us.

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