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Special Advent Reminder of GRACE 2010-Annual Appeal

With Advent underway in our preparation for Christ’s birth, GRACE is hopeful that you find it in your hearts to give generously to our 2010 Annual Appeal. Around $70,000 has come in to help with greatest needs, including school programs, technology and tuition assistance. With greater knowledge of our system and school needs, the annual goal for 2010-11 is $200,000. Please help make this goal possible.

Gifts are sent to GRACE, 1087 Kellogg Street, Green Bay, WI 54303. Anyone wanting a GRACE Annual Appeal brochure may call the GRACE Offices at 920.499.7330.

Paul and Carol Schierl gave a very generous endowment gift of approximately $40,000 to the GRACE Endowment at the Catholic Foundation increasing the endowment to over $65,000. Five percent of the funds can be spent annually, so we need to grow both the Annual Appeal gifts as well as the endowment gifts for long-term viability of our system and schools. Gifts for the Annual Appeal as well as the GRACE Endowment are sincerely appreciated. Please contact President Carol Conway-Gerhardt (cconwaygerhardt@gbdioc.org) or Development Coordinator Jennifer Timmer (jtimmer@gbdioc.org) by email or by phone (920.499.7330) to discuss ways you could provide a “planned gift” to our GRACE System.

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