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HCCS second graders take part in Christmas essay project

The second graders at Holy Cross Catholic School took part in the 23nd annual "Just for Kids Christmas Essay Project" sponsored by The Compass, the official newspaper of the Green Bay Diocese. Children were asked to imagine a favorite saint of theirs going to Bethlehem. Who would he be? What would she say or do?

Below are the responses from the second graders at Holy Cross Catholic School:

St. Cecilia is the patron of musicians. She went to Bethlehem to visit Baby Jesus on that first Christmas night, and took the Little Drummer Boy along to play for Jesus. Jesus loved the drumming of the drum and smiled! — Lilly Kaye

I think it would be neat if St. Francis was in Bethlehem. He loved animals. He would have taken care of them. They would have shared the stable with Jesus the Lord. — Tamara Reschke

My favorite saint is St. Francis Xavier because he was a good runner and teacher. I would have sent him to Bethlehem because he could teach Jesus. He could also run very fast to spread the good news about Jesus.
— Tim Turek

I would send St. Thomas Aquinas to the stable. St. Thomas Aquinas was a teacher. He could tell Jesus a lot of stuff about school. Jesus would learn about the world. — Mason Wright

I would like St. Nick because he is nice and he could leave some baby toys for Baby Jesus.
— Paige Klysen

St Nicholas always was a good person. He was always a very, very nice man. He always followed GOD and JESUS. St. Nick's Day is on Dec. 6. People used to put their shoes out and he would put coins in them. Mary and Joseph could use the coins to care for Jesus. — Noah Jaeckels

When something is lost, you should pray to St. Anthony. At 15 St. Anthony went to a monastery and later became a priest. He went to Italy. Many people came to hear him speak. He talked about Lent. He is a great Saint. — Danny Nennig

The name St. Michael, the Archangel means "Who is like God". He would be a protector and watch over Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Michael is my dad's name and he protects me.
— Nash Ziefle

I like St. Rose. If St. Rose found Jesus she would find his mom and dad for him.
— Bella McCarron

Oh when the Saints go marching in, St. Gerard would have prayed for Mary. If Saint Gerard was in Bethlehem, he would pray for expecting mothers like Mary. He is our favorite Saint because my Grandma Pat prayed to him when she was expecting my dad and my uncles. My dad, and uncles, middle name is Gerard. — Riley VandenHouten

If I could send a Saint to Bethlehem, I would send St. Francis. St. Francis would be able to meet the Son of God, who created nature. — Jared Pirlot

St. Nicholas was very nice to all people. He gave away his money. He felt good about it. He traveled to Bethlehem to see Baby Jesus. When Nicolas saw Jesus in Mary's arms, he smiled for joy. He could only smile! — Brynn Cumicek

St. Matthew was a tax collector. If Matthew saw Jesus in Bethlehem, he would have felt excited. Matthew's life changed for the good by meeting Jesus. — Travis Moureau

St. Nicholas was rich and gave all his money to help the poor. When he saw Jesus in Bethlehem he felt like his heart was pumping so fast he could faint. He never felt happier in his life! Baby Jesus smiled at him. — Gretchen Meier

When people pray to St. Anthony they seem to find the thing they lost. When St. Anthony went to Bethlehem he brought love. — Zach Ritchie

St. Anthony can find things all around the world and give them back to the people who lost them. Like when Danny lost his DS. It would be cool if St. Anthony would be at the city of Bethlehem when Jesus was born. He'd probably say to Jesus: "Thank You for coming! — Sawyer Richert

I want to send St. Samuel, the patron saint of pilgrimages to the martyrs' tomb. He would say to give peace to the world and he would help everyone celebrate their faith. — Sam Limoni

I would like to see St. Anthony in Bethlehem. He would ask Jesus to help us with our lives, to help us with school, to keep my mom and dad healthy, and to be good for Jared. — Haylee Martinson

St. Lucy because she was very brave. She could show others not to be afraid of what they believe in. — Ryan Basten

Once upon a time in a little town in France, lived a girl named Therese. She was four years old, and her mother had died. But even with her mother being gone, Therese was a happy little girl who loved to play outside.

One day Therese heard of a little baby boy born in Bethlehem. His name was Jesus. An angle told Therese all about the little boy. This little baby was very special, and the world would know him as love. Therese wanted to go to see the little baby boy, but she had nothing to bring him except a rose from her garden.

When Therese got to Bethlehem, she gave the rose to Jesus' mother, Mary. Mary asked Therese if she would like to hold the baby. When she held Jesus, he smiled at her. Her heart was filled with love.

From that day on Therese lived her life as a child of love. — Sonja Gapinski

St. Paul became very active in the part of persecuting the Christians. Paul was on the Damascus road carrying a list of suspected Christians. St. Paul was a changed man when he heard the Lord speaking to him.—Carson Stitz

I'm writing about St. Lucy. She is the patron saint of the blind and people with eye problems. We celebrate St. Lucy on Dec. 13, my Opa's birthday. St. Lucy was a very tough lady who never gave up her beliefs. I'm happy to be named Lucy. If St. Lucy visited Jesus born as a baby in Bethlehem, she would light up the stable for the Holy Family. — Lucy Quidzinski

I chose St. Valentine because he had a lot of love. There was a lot of love at Bethlehem between Mary, Joseph and Jesus. — Betsy Conard

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