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GRACE Committees Work on Policies

In order to have a smooth transition for parents, children and staff to the fully operational GRACE System, committees are working on important policies. Nearing finalization is the Registration and Enrollment Policy. The Board of Trustees will receive the policy proposal from the Education and Catholic Identity and Market/Public Relations Committees for consideration at their December 14, 2010 meeting. Another significant policy being finalized by the Education and Catholic Identity Committee is the Class Size Policy. It, too, will be brought to the Board of Trustees on December 14. The Human Resources Committee is working on teacher and support staff ministry profiles, hiring practices for open positions and salary and benefit procedures.

In the near future, recommendations will be brought to the Board of Trustees for consideration. Site Advisory Council (SAC) chairs or presidents have been invited to a meeting in late November or early December to discuss bylaws for their Councils. In mid to late January there will be a Leadership Conference for all members of the SACs, wherein members will learn about marketing, development and consultation
between sites and system regarding policy. A date is yet to be determined.

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