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Welcome First Reconciliation Candidates!

On Saturday Nov. 20, 41 of our second graders attended an afternoon retreat in preparation for celebrating their First Reconciliation on December 1st. We spent a wonderful afternoon together as we deepened our understanding of our loving and forgiving God. We gained a deeper appreciation for how we experience and celebrate the compassion of the Lord in the sacrament of Reconciliation.

We created banners that will hang on the ends of our pews when we come to celebrate First Reconciliation. We had the opportunity to talk about what our "conscience" is, and spent time examining our conscience as we prepared ourselves for our upcoming reconciliation. We went over to church and reviewed reconciliation procedure and our readers had a chance to practice their readings at the microphone. We had a wonderful prayer service where we reflected on Jesus as our Good Shepherd who always loves us and keeps us in His loving care. We received pendants which say "Forgiveness Heals and Renews" to remind us of our First Reconciliation and that Jesus in his compassion forgives us when we are truly sorry. After the retreat we all walked over to church and attended 4pm Mass together. It was a beautiful sight to have all of our First Reconciliation / First Communion candidates gathered around the altar of the Lord during the Eucharistic Prayer.

Please keep our children in your prayers as they draw near to celebrating the forgiveness and compassion of the Lord in the sacrament of Reconciliation.

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