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GRACE Board of Directors Approves 2011-12 Budget for Full Operations

After decades of discussions and dialogue, the Green Bay area is committed to launching the largest Catholic school system in the state.

On November 10, the Board of Directors, composed of the seventeen pastors of the 23 Green Bay area parishes, Bishop David Ricken, Diocesan Director of Administration Deacon Tim Reilly, Diocesan Director of Education Dr. Joe Bound and Board of Trustees Chair Allan Patek approved the GRACE 2011-12 Budget. This approval provides for ten Green Bay area Catholic schools supported by 23 Catholic parishes to be fully operational on July 1, 2011.

All school employees will be GRACE employees as the new school year 2011-12 begins. Students and families will continue to be fully engaged in their individual schools while championing the GRACE System and the strength that comes from uniting schools for greater excellence and support.

The Board of Trustees (BOT), composed of a lay person from each of the parishes, is the design body of the organization. The BOT constantly works to assure that all components of a system are in place for proper functioning. GRACE committees chaired by a Board of Trustee member and supported by other board of trustee members and parents or parishioners focus on the following: Education and Catholic Identity, Human Resources, Finance/Facilities, Marketing/Public Relations and Development.

A separate Technology Work Group is charged with finding out what schools currently have for technology and technology instruction while creating a three- to five-year vision for GRACE. Three levels of technology needs have been identified: required, desirable and ideal. An integrated system of technology will make the schools more efficient and effective in teaching and learning as well as in administration.

A GRACE Leadership Team, composed of all ten principals, the director of business services, the development coordinator and the president, has the task of establishing procedures to manage various tasks needed to operate a fully functioning, high quality school system.

Commitment to Catholic schools in the greater Green Bay community is a must to assure strong Catholic servant leaders for the future. The establishment of the GRACE System is the means by which Catholic school continuity will happen. Just as the first schools that began in this community over 100 years ago were an act of faith by our parish communities, this is an extension of that faith in this important ministry. The prayers, input and participation of the community are making this GRACE System possible, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, they will lead Green Bay area schools and parishes to new frontiers.

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