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Scrip Udpate: Several More Retailers Offering Increased Discounts

Several scrip retailers will be offering increases in discounts that we will receive when we order their gift cards:

* Applebees will increase on November 6 from 8% to 10% (thru November 19, 2010)

* Bath & Body Works will increase on November 6 from 13% to 18% (thru December 3, 2010)

* Gap-$75 gift cards will be coming back with a 5% increase. They normally are 9% but will be 14% beginning Nov. 6 and running thru Nov. 19. Currently, we have 1 of these cards left in inventory from the last promotion. I will purchase another group (probably 10 cards) next week. If anyone is planning on doing their Holiday shopping early and would be looking at several of these cards, please let me know. I could order more cards but don't want to keep a lot in our inventory at the present time. Please send me an email if you would like to order several cards. I can place another order the following week (Nov. 15).

* Home Depot will increase on November 6 from 4% to 6% (thru December 3, 2010)

* L.L. Bean will increase on November 6 from 15% to 17% (thru December 10, 2010)This retailer is a special order item for our inventory but could be helpful for those doing Christmas shopping.

The first three retailers are regular inventory retailers for Holy Cross and we will be dispensing our current inventory before we can offer the higher discounts. REMEMBER!! Inventory is FIFO (first in, first out).

One scrip retailer has announced a decrease in discounts that we will receive when we order their gift cards:

* Effective Saturday, October 30 BP Gas cards will be changing from 2% to 1.5% discount. We placed a large order for Holy Cross yesterday and we should be able to still offer the 2% on our cards for a month or longer depending on our sales volume.

H E L P!!!! We are still in need of a couple of people who would be willing to help sell Scrip on Wednesday evening when the Faith Formation Classes meet. If anyone would be able to help out, please contact the parish office at holycross@new.rr.com.

To learn more about Scrip, please visit: www.holycrossfamily.blogspot.com/p/scrip.html

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