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October 30/31: From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

Last weekend our planned procession to the Pioneer Cemetery had to be cancelled because of rain. Instead, we ended the 10 am Mass with the prayer, recited by the entire congregation, which re-dedicated and blessed once again this sacred ground. A number of parishioners had mentioned to me that they did not know that we had more than one cemetery or where it is located. So to answer those questions…our pioneer cemetery is that place just East of Bay Settlement Road and Mustang Way (a short street that will eventually connect to a new development.

The cemetery dates back to the founding of our parish in 1852, and is a small hill or mound. It sits in the middle of a field which is cultivated by a farmer. We have a limited list of some of our pioneers who are buried there – the book containing the full listing was either seriously damaged or destroyed in a fire which happened in the rectory. Some years ago parishioners went in and erected a wooden cross to mark the site and they gathered the remaining tombstones and placed them as a memorial beneath the cross. I have been told that some people in the course of time removed a number of the cemetery markers and took them to their homes as part of their patios. I am not certain about the truth of that, but that is what I was told. At any rate, because the land surrounding the cemetery is destined to be developed into housing, it was incumbent upon us, as the owners and faith community that we are, to build some kind of fence around our cemetery and mark it as sacred ground.

Matt Jadin came forward and volunteered to make that his special project for his Eagle Scout Project and the rest is history. Many in the parish came forward and gave the money to purchase the materials for the fence; our Holy Cross Boy Scouts, their parents and adult leaders, and other members of the parish provided the time, energy and expertise necessary to make the fence a reality. A plaque listing all who donated for the fence has been on display in the church and will be erected at the cemetery. So Thank You to Matt Jadin, our Boy Scout Troop 1041, and all who participated in this special project.

This weekend we bring to a close the month of October; how time flies! Tomorrow, Monday, November 1st, is the Feast of All Saints and Tuesday , November 2nd, is the Feast of All Souls. Because November 1st is a Monday, it is NOT a Holy Day of Obligation. We here at Holy Cross will have a 7 pm Mass on Monday, November 1st, to celebrate All Saints and at the same time we will remember at that Mass all of our beloved dead, especially those who have died since last November 1st & 2nd. Their names will be read during the Prayers of Intercession and their family members will be offered a Memorial Candle. The candle will have a holy card attached with a remembrance prayer which comes from Father Ed Hays. It reads as follows ...

“With their last breath those we love do not say good bye….
for love is timeless. Instead, they leave us a solemn promise
that when they are finally at rest in God,
they will continue to be present to us whenever they are called upon.
Let us fear not, nor grieve beyond letting go the departure
of those we have greatly loved, for in the Tree of Life
their roots and ours are forever intertwined.

Just a reminder that Lori will be on vacation this week and, therefore, the parish office will only be open on a limited basis.

Oremus pro invicem,
Fr. Tom

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