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Bishop Ricken, on Behalf of 2010 GRACE Annual Appeal

Hello! I am Bishop David Ricken and I am with you today to talk about the value of Catholic schools and especially the Green Bay Area Catholic Education schools, called GRACE. Please let me take you back in time to your wonderful Catholic school experience. Who was your favorite teacher? Was it a Sister who taught you your catechism or a teacher who first taught you about how much God loves you?

If you didn’t attend Catholic school, you probably had religious education teachers or parents who instilled in you a love for Jesus Christ. Our GRACE Catholic schools use the entire school day and all of the extra-curricular activities to integrate the knowledge, beauty and practice of the Catholic faith into the lives of our children.

The GRACE System will be fully operational in nine months starting July 1, 2011. By coming together, students, families, parishes and the greater community will benefit from shared and expanded resources, especially as students grow in their faith and provide over 28,000 hours of service to school and community needs.

Last year’s GRACE Annual Appeal donors provided sufficient funds to start a GRACE endowment at the Catholic Foundation for greatest needs, including tuition assistance, school programs and technology. GRACE wants to continue to provide for greatest current needs as well as for long term needs to strengthen all of our schools.

Our faith is a precious gift that is nurtured in a special way in GRACE Catholic schools. Please help give that gift to our Green Bay area (GRACE) children through the 2010 GRACE Annual Appeal!

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