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August 2nd Deadline for Every Parish to Respond to Draft GRACE 2011-12 Budget

August 2nd is just around the corner. Every GRACE parish is requested to have a formal written response, preferably electronically, sent to Dr. Carol Conway-Gerhardt, GRACE president, by August 2nd regarding the Draft GRACE 2011-12 Budget.

The draft budget has several major sections in its 37 pages, so parishes may respond to each section or to specific items that they want to highlight or would suggest changing. Suggested changes should be accompanied with an alternate solution(s).

The Draft Grace 2011-12 Budget is available on the GRACE website www.gracesystem.org. The GRACE Finance/Facilities Committee will begin to consider the responses shortly after the August 2nd deadline. By October 12 the Board of Trustees plans to approve the GRACE 2011-12 Budget, and by November 10 the Board of Directors will approve the GRACE 2011-12 Budget.

The involvement of as many parishioners and school staff and families in the response as possible would be appreciated.

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