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HCCS second graders take part in Christmas essay project

The second graders at Holy Cross Catholic School took part in the 22nd annual "Just for Kids Christmas Essay Project" sponsored by The Compass, the official newspaper of the Green Bay Diocese.

Students in grades 5 and under from throughout the diocese were invited to pick one animal present in Bethlehem for the Nativity and imagine what the animal would have said. The inspiration for the essay topic was a Polish legend that claims animals can speak with human voices on Christmas Eve.

Read on for our HCCS second graders' responses:

"Come, Come! Jesus is born in our stable," said the sheep. – Lauren Schauer

Oh, this is the son of God! The king of kings, let's celebrate! My four legs carried his mom to this stable. I'm a great donkey!!! – Cayden Barnes

This is Baby Jesus. He was born on Christmas Day. He laid in a manger. I see His parents Mary and Joseph smiling they are so happy. I am the donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem. – Madison Vincent

Is that a baby? He is small like me. We could be friends. Oh look a star it's so pretty. I feel honored to see the Lord Jesus. Why does this baby have to sleep in the s table with us animals? – Hayden Benner

I am the donkey who had Mary on my back. I did not know that she was pregnant with Jesus. After the baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem, I saw people come to the stable. "It really must be God! WOW – He's the one that was on my back!" – Mariah Michalski

The baby lamb looked and said: "What a cute baby! I wish I had my fur to make that cute baby a blanket. Doesn't Mary look beautiful and Joseph handsome! I am sure they are proud of their new baby Jesus!" – Gioia Cumicek

I picked a sheep. I think it said he saw Jesus and the sheep started crying out loud. And he saw a star and stopped crying. So now Mary and Joseph could speak. They said all of you animals come and snuggle by me. – Olivia Cullen

Welcome to Bethlehem. I am the sheep. My name is Sam. This is a magic barn. God gave it magic so you will come here and have baby Jesus. I am going to watch over you. – Jack Schumer

"The Baby Jesus is born!" said the little lamb. – Rio O'Toole

The cow said: "Oh what a special night!" – Mason Kosmoski

The cow said: "Merry Christmas!" – Jaci Brady

The lamb said: "this is no ordinary baby! I'm feeling very special to be here tonight." –Jenny Schimmel

The Peace dove said: "I want to tell the world about this!" – Ashley Lemens

The donkey said: "WOW! To think I brought him all the way here, and didn't even know it!" – Abby Van Ooyen

The donkey sang SILENT NIGHT. – Shawn Carwardine

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