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December 19/20 From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

This is the Fourth Sunday of Advent, and our Church is all prepared for the Great Feast of Christmas. A special Thank You to all who came on Saturday morning to give of their time and talent to prepare our church and worship space for this special feast. I do hope that you and your family will enjoy this Christmas Day and Season. Remember that our Masses for Christmas Eve are at 4 pm, 6:30 pm, and 10:30 pm, with our Choir Christmas Concert beginning at 10 pm. Our Christmas Day Mass is at 9 am.

Please remember that we are not advertising the 4 pm Christmas Eve Mass because of previous years’ overcrowding - so this Mass time is what I call “Apud Nos” (Latin for “just among us”). Fr. Dane Radecki, a Norbertine and President of Notre Dame Academy, is helping me by offering to say the 4 pm and 6:30 pm Masses on Christmas Eve. Fr. Bill Jacobs will be presiding at the 8 am Mass on Sunday, December 27.

Thank you to all who contributed to the cost of the Christmas flowers and decorations. If you have not done so and would like to, it is not too late and you can simply place your offering in an envelope marked “Christmas Flowers.” All are most welcome to list the names of their beloved dead in our Christmas memorial book in our candle/shrine area.

At our last Pastoral Council Meeting on December 1, the question was asked, “When are we returning to the practice of offering the cup at communion time?” A consensus was reached that while we are concerned about the spread of the flu, it would be good to offer the Communion Cup during the Christmas Season. We will therefore be offering communion under both species at the Masses of Christmas, Holy Family Sunday (Dec. 26 & 27), and the New Year’s Masses. Again, kindly use common sense. If you are not feeling well, have a cold, etc., refrain from taking the cup. Our Eucharistic Ministers are also concerned about the spread of the flu and other viruses if they are dispensing the host on the tongue. I would ask that you please take communion in your hand and place it on your tongue yourself. If you really desire to receive communion on the tongue, please see me after Mass, and I will give you communion in this manner using appropriate precautions. Eucharistic ministers, please be alert and if it appears that we do not have enough ministers at any of those Masses, please come forward to help. Hopefully by the season for Lent (Ash Wednesday), the flu scare will be ended and we can return to the practice of offering Communion under the appearances of both bread and wine. SO - REMEMBER - CHRISTMAS SEASON MASSES WE WILL OFFER THE CUP AT COMMUNION TIME.

A final note to consider: During Lent this coming year (Ash Wednesday is February 17th), we and the Diocese will be offering a program “CATHOLICS COME HOME.” As a parish, we will need volunteers to be part of a few committees to be Welcome Greeters, etc. If you are willing to give of your time and talent, please call the parish office and give Lori your name and contact information. This can be very enjoyable, relaxing, and satisfying work.

Please remember that the Parish Office will be operating on a holiday schedule. The Parish office (as well as the school office and Faith Formation office) will close at noon on Wednesday, December 23rd, and will be closed thru Friday, January 1st. We will return to our normal schedule on Monday, January 4th.

Merry Christmas to all…
Oremus Pro Invicem,
Father Tom

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