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Outreach and service an important component of Faith Formation

Submitted by Faith Formation Director Marti Burkard

In an effort to open our young people's eyes to the needs of not only our local community but our larger global community as well, our Faith Formation students are involved in outreach and service to various organizations who need our help.

Our 1st year our families created 126 hygiene kits as part of Helping Hands for Haiti and they were shipped to Haiti by St. Vincent Hospital through the Haitian Health Foundation.

Last year we collected donations for the residents of the Golden House a safe haven for those families who are dealing with domestic violence in their homes. This year we learned about the work of the House Of Hope. The House of Hope is owned by the St. Vincent DePaul Society and is a home where unwed mothers between the ages of 18 - 24 can turn for a safe and supportive place where young mothers learn to become competent adults and independent successful parents.

Last week on November 18 our Faith Formation families gathered for their Third Annual Thanksgiving Family Mass, and it was at that Mass where the donations which had been collected over the weeks and months were offered by the students during the Presentation. A collection was also taken for the House of Hope where we collected $147.87.

The following day Marti and her friend Peter Kitslaar literally filled his pick-up truck to the brim and brought our donations to the House of Hope.

I received this letter from Jennifer Allen, the director of the House of Hope:
Dear Holy Cross Faith Formation Students and Families,

"Thank you so very much for the fantastic donation of health and hygiene items. These items are so essential to keeping a person healthy in mind, body and spirit. You have not only helped us keep clean, but brought educational tools, built self-esteem, and told a family that someone cares."

God Bless,
House of Hope Staff and Residents

With the Thanksgiving Holiday just a few day away, it is a time for prayerful gratitude. I am grateful for so many things as I am about to celebrate my 3d Thanksgiving with our Holy Cross Parish Family. I am especially grateful to you and for your. You are the primary educators in the faith of your child, and you allow me to share in that challenge and privilege. Thank you.

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is wonderful, and that you are full of wonder at the marvels of God's loving presence in our lives. As we thank God for all the gifts He has given to us, let us also prayerfully renew our commitment to one another to work together in sharing our faith with your children.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

About Holy Cross Faith Formation
All children in the Holy Cross Parish Family have the right and opportunity to be educated in their faith. Children and young adults often have questions about God. The Holy Cross Parish Faith Formation program works with parents to answer these questions and to bring our young people into a closer relationship with God; a relationship which motivates them to make good moral decisions in order to live Christ-like lives. To see Faith Formation photos, click on the photo albums underneath Faith Formation Contact Information on the right hand side of the blog.

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