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New Shelter update from Terri Refsguard: It’s all in how you measure it!

Shared with me by Ann Nehring – one of our Case Managers.

The real name of the resident, of course, is not used.

Mike Smith has decided to move out from the 2nd floor Transitional Living Program. As some of you may or may not know Mike has never lived on his own. He has always lived with family. Prior to coming to the shelter he lived with his sister and she took care of everything for him. Mike really had no independence and no say over his life. His sister was mean and demeaning to him often calling him stupid and embarrassing him in front of other people. After his sister kicked him out of her house he came here to the shelter. Mike had applied for Social Security benefits prior to entering the shelter and was approved shortly after he arrived here, but this was being withheld from him by his sister. We worked on getting his benefits and making sure his sister would not gain control over his money.

Once we found out Mike was approved for Social Security he moved to the second floor Transitional Living Program – in an apartment. Mike was able to gain independence, live somewhat on his own, and actually take charge of his life for the first time. Mike was able to get set up with a payee and he began receiving benefits in the middle of October. He has gained independence, self esteem, and has taken charge of his life. Even though Mike was not on the second floor for a long period of time, he has been successful and we should see it as success. He will now be able to take care of himself and he has assistance with his finances. I would have loved it if Mike would have stayed longer, but really he had accomplished all the important things he needed to accomplish while here, and there was not much else he could have worked on while here.

So please feel at ease that Mike made accomplishments and he went as far as we could take him.

Our neighbors – really anyone in need
I sometimes forget the many resources we provide to people who do not live here inside the shelter. Not resources we advertise or even remember to talk about – resources that people who call or come to our door are requesting our help with. And those resources are as varied as the people requesting them.

· The gas station on the corner calling to ask if we had an extra winter coat for someone who he sees that has none.

· The little girl who came to our front desk sharing that her mother sent her over to ask if we might have some toilet paper to spare – because they had none.

· Calls from elderly individuals asking for help with a small project (weeding, lifting, etc.)

· The little guy that stopped in one day (who has dinner with us each evening with his mother) stopped in one afternoon because he was just hungry….

· The many many phone calls answered by our House Supervisors and Case Managers – calls from people looking for help with simply knowing where to begin with seeking out help.

· The fact that our meal staff monitors VERY closely the potential basic needs of the people we see. They very discreetly & respectfully offer a coat, mittens, gloves, a hat, etc. to someone who obviously has none. They also turn their head and smile when they see one of our elderly Community Meal participants sneak out a little baggie and fill it up with desserts or cookies to take with them when they leave.

These things are the easy things we do – because it’s the right thing to do. And we are able to all we do only with the help of people like YOU.

What are our NEEDS today you might ask?
Well, it’s funny you should ask that today -- the day we presented our 2010 Budget to our Finance Committee. You might be interested to know:

We spend over $13,000 per year on paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc.)

Over $3500 per year on Resident Barrier Reduction Cost (work boots, black pants, the cost to get an ID, etc.etc.)

Around $7,000 for all the supplies we go through in our Kitchen (this does NOT include Food)

Those are just a few!!! We are also hoping to replace our 40” TV in our 3rd floor resident common area.

And we always need:
25 Quart Plastic Containers with Lids
Freezer Bags – Gallon Size
Paper Towels
Canned Fruit
A dolly for moving stuff around

104 People living at the New Community Shelter. Last evening we served a total of 209 meals. We had our regular families and a young girl even came for her birthday dinner with her family (they come every night usually). We had several newcomers but everything else was pretty consistent as usual.

Please check out our website at:

New Community Shelter, Inc.
301 Mather Street
Green Bay , WI 54303
Tele: (920) 437.3766 Extension 101
Fax: (920) 617.0036

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