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HCCS fourth graders host a spook-tacular event!

Submitted by Mrs. Shara Malone

The Holy Cross 4th graders hosted a spooktacular event on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 when they displayed their Spooky Houses!

The model houses were a culmination project for a science unit on Electric Circuits, an Einstein Project kit used every year in Mrs. Malone’s fourth grade room. There were four house models on display, one for each group of students. Students were required to wire four rooms, include two handmade switches, and meet other necessary requirements.

Students love doing this unit every year, and this year was no exception! The fourth graders used their knowledge from the unit and employed their creativity in making the model homes, and they had a terrific time adding props and decorations that gave the homes a “spooky” theme, just in time for Halloween!

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