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Congratulations to this week's FootballMania winners!

Our Holy Cross community had two FootballMania winners this week! One parishioner won $200 and another parishioner won $50.

You can still purchase a FootballMania ticket for the remainder of the season, although the cost of the ticket remains the same regardless of the number of remaining games. For more information, please contact Michelle Jacques at mjacques@holycrossfamily.org. Read more about how FootballMania works below.

What is FootballMania?
FootballMania is a fundraiser through CharityMania that gives each ticket purchaser a chance to win up to $500 per week for 10 weeks of National Football League.

How does it work?
Each ticket is $20.00 and is good for 10 weeks. So, once you purchase a ticket, the bottom portion needs to be filled out and returned to school. Once the ticket is returned, it is activated. None of your information is sent to CharityMania. Tickets are tracked at school. Ticket stub contact information will only be used to communicate if you hold a winning ticket!

How do I know if I won?
Beginning Tuesday, November 3-CharityMania will send money to each organization with winners! Then, if we have a winner, our school will issue a check to the winner or winners.

So, basically put--if you buy a ticket for 20 bucks, your ticket is good for 10 weeks. Each and every week you have a chance to win up to $500! Your ticket will tell you which 3 teams are "your" team that you want to score the highest points for that week.

If your team has the highest combined score the week, you will win up to $500. We are guaranteed to have some kind of winner each week.

This is a really great opportunity for our school to make an incredible amount of money! For each $20 ticket that is sold, Holy Cross Catholic School makes $15.25.

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