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Catholic Virtue Reflection: Thy Kingdom Come

During the month of November, we will study the “Thy Kingdom Come” portion of “The Lord’s Prayer."

“When looking at the world throughout history, the skeptic could easily say, ‘Jesus promised you a Kingdom and all He left you was a Church.’ What the skeptic fails to remember is that few people recognized the Son of God, when He came incarnate, as Jesus of Nazareth.
As children, we likely learned a concept of kingdoms from fairy tales. However, little of fairy tale kingdoms express the kingdoms promised in the gospels. Matthew’s gospel alone makes nearly forty references to the ‘Kingdoms of God’ or the ‘Kingdom of Heaven.’ Also, in Luke 17:21 Jesus says, ‘The Kingdom is in your midst.’ Throughout Scripture we see these references to kingdom, especially in Jesus’ Parables.”
-- Understanding Our Father: Biblical reflections on the Lord’s Prayer, Dr. Scott Hahn

What is Catholic Virtue Education?
Catholic Virtue Education focuses on teaching students and their families about Catholic virtue as outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. While all of the virtues, works, gifts, fruits, and prayers are intricately intertwined into our Catholic Faith, Catholic Virtue Education at Holy Cross Catholic School focuses on certain aspects each month in order to enhance learning for all students, of all abilities, in all grades.Each month a new virtue is developed, and the students are involved in defining, discussing and exhibiting that trait in their daily lives. Principal Robin Jo Jensen includes reflections on the month's virtue in her weekly parent letter to spur discussions at home. At the end of the month parents are encouraged to attend a student-directed, all-school assembly focusing on the lessons taught throughout the month.

About Holy Cross Catholic School
Located on the growing northeast side of Green Bay at the historic crossroads of Church and Bay Settlement Roads, Holy Cross Catholic School is the point at which faith, community and education converge. The school educates children within the Catholic faith and provides them with opportunities to develop the values, attitudes and skills that will enable them to become vital members of the community. Holy Cross Catholic School has been in existence for 141 years and has an enrollment of 195 students in grades EC3 to 8th grade. For more information, please visit the school's website: http://www.holycrossfamily.org/.

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