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Sharing of stories plays an important role in spiritual development

By Faith Formation Director Marti Burkard

Did you know that storytelling is important in your child's faith formation? In fact, much of your child's learning is based primarily on storytelling! The stories of our Hebrew ancestors, from the Old Testament in the Bible, for example help students understand the Jewish religion and culture into which Jesus was born. We use stories of Jesus told, along with classroom discussions, activities, crafts, and prayer, to teach your children about our Catholic faith.

You and your family have your own stories of faith to share. Tell your child memories of the sacraments you've celebrated, like your First Communion or when you were confirmed. Look at family photographs together and tell about your child's baptism-including details like who was there, the weather that day, and perhaps some special presents that people brought. The stories of Holy Scripture and your personal scriptures from the bedrock of faith for your child. Telling these stories among yourselves is one thing you do in your role as the primary educator of your child.

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