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October 24/25 From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

Congratulations and “Ad Multos Annos” (many more years) to Francis and Pat DeGrave who celebrate this weekend with their children, family and friends, 50 years of married life. The Sacrament of Marriage which they have lived for 50 years is at the very center of our Church and society. As those who are married know, it is not always easy and many times extremely difficult, but as Catholics we know that we can rely on the special “GRACES” that God gives to those who place their hope in Him. Francis and Pat, your Parish Family offers you their “Congratulations” and “Best Wishes” for many more happy years together.

This past week the company which has been working on the floors of our church has completed their work with the renewal of the front entrance. I know that all of you appreciate the long hours and diligent work that they expended in the beautification of our worship space. Many have commented to me how very beautiful our church is and how much they appreciate the recent improvement. As I announced last week, next week, the weekend of November 1st, Feast of All Saints, we will bless our new Tabernacle and use it for the first time. I will devote my homily to its meaning, significance, and the proper respect due to this most sacred object in our parish church.

Next Monday, November 2nd, is the Feast of All Souls and is the very special day in our church year that we remember our most recently departed but also all of our beloved dead. As is our tradition, we will have a special Memorial Mass on Monday at 7 pm. At that Mass we will remember in a special way all our members, family and friends who have died this past year, and we will present a memorial candle to the members of their family. All are invited to this Mass to pray for their beloved dead. Also it is our custom to have a “Memorial Book” placed near the Sacred Heart Statue for the month of November. This book lists the names of our beloved dead, and you are welcome to add the names of people you wished remembered at Masses offered at Holy Cross during this month.

Oremus Pro Invicem,
Father Tom

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