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Holy Cross Catholic School Presents: Football Mania!

A fun way to play for a chance to win up to $500 per week for 10 weeks...

What is Football Mania?
Football Mania is a fundraiser through CharityMania that gives the ticket purchaser access to music online (a “digital entertainment package”) and chances to win prize money in a sweepstakes for National Football League games.

How much is a ticket?
Each ticket is $20.00

What do I get for $20.00?
You’ll receive a ticket that has a number that serves 2 purposes:
When you return the bottom portion of your ticket (the stub) to Holy Cross Catholic School with your payment, your ticket number will be entered into the sweepstakes. To be eligible to win each week during the last 10 weeks of the NFL season, your ticket stub(s) and $20.00 (per ticket) need to be returned by Friday, October 16, 2009.

You can type your ticket number into the CharityMania website to access your digital entertainment package that includes a variety of music to either download or just listen to during the Football Mania season.

What can Holy Cross Catholic School earn?
Holy Cross Catholic School will receive $15.25 for the sale of each ticket.
(Wow…we ordered 1,000 tickets! Help us reach our goal and activate all of those tickets!)

What are my chances of winning?
Football Mania sweepstakes are exciting and engaging for participants because each ticket holder has an equal chance of winning. Each Football Mania sweepstakes ticket contains 3 random teams in each week of the season-a different set of teams each week. No two tickets have the same 3 teams in any given week. Winning tickets are determined based on the points scored by the football teams assigned to it. If two tickets have the same score, the total yards gained by the 3 teams is used as a tiebreaker. The 4 highest scoring tickets and the 2 lowest scoring tickets each week (the last 10 weeks of the NFL season) win prize money.

Weekly Winners and Prize Money
Ticket with the highest combined score $500
Second Highest $200
Third Highest $100
Fourth Highest $ 50
Lowest Total Score $ 50
Second Lowest Total Score $ 25

To order football mania tickets, please contact Michelle Jacques at mjacques@holycrossfamily.org.

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