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My greatest joy in sharing my faith as a Faith Formation Catechist has been...

- being myself, and conveying to my students that as humans we make mistakes, but that God gives us a chance to make up for those bad decisions.

- helping to increase my student's Christian faith so that in times of need or pressure they can make and do the right thing.

- watching the students grow and share their faith experiences. Seeing their enthusiasm for learning the Bible, prayers, and participation in skits.

- how much they are open to their faith, and how much they enjoy faith sharing. They enjoy stories and searching for Bible passages and locating them in the Old and New Testament. Introducing them to the rosary and lives of the saints.

- knowing that I am helping them begin to learn about God at a young age.

- I'm learning too! There are times when I really felt like I connected with the students.

- drawing on my own personal experience when it really fit the topic and situation and it just clicks. The evening the priest came to discuss vocations was one of those times that stands out in my mind.

- facilitating discussions, encouraging their thoughts and questions. Their genuine interest in faith. I admire families who make the commitment to faith formation.

- teaching them about Jesus and being Catholic. Teaching them about how to be good Christians.

- we had a really great group this year. They all knew why they were in class, and enjoyed their time in class. It was really great seeing how they have grown in every way.

- working with the children, teaching them more about Jesus and how they in turn can share His love with others. Also, getting to know some more of the parents.

- seeing the children each week and listening to them share their thoughts about faith. Witnessing the progress throughout the year as they explored their faith.

- attempting to teach them why it is so wonderful being a Christian!

- to see the sparkle in their eyes as we share the love Jesus has for us. They are comfortable asking faith questions and strive to be the best students they can be. We walk the faith journey together!

For more information about becoming a FF Catechist, please contact Marti Burkard at faithform@hotmail.com.

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