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Holy Cross Faith Formation Program sends a special care package to Infantry Unit in Afghanistan

"No matter where I go, my roots are still in Wisconsin. When I have some tough days (and believe me, we have a few over here), I rely on my faith," commented Tom Jauquet in a note to the Holy Cross Faith Formation Program. "So thank you to everyone who proved me right again about where and how I was raised. AWESOME!"

Tom Jauquet's awesome experience was all thanks to the Holy Cross Faith Formation Program's Lenten service project. Faith Formation families collected supplies for Tom's infantry unit stationed in Afghanistan.

"All of our FF families were asked to bring in donations each week that they came to class," explained Faith Formation Director Marti Burkard. "We felt that there was no better time than during the season of Lent to appreciate and acknowledge the people who make sacrifices and risk their lives every day to make this a great country to live in."

Tom (pictured above with his arm raised), younger brother of HC parishioner Marcia Knoebel, is a major in the Army. His unit was deployed to Afghanistan last December. He is currently with the 10th Mountain Division, which is an infantry unit. In addition to being an Infantry Officer, Tom is also a Ranger and Airborne Ranger. Tom was previously with the 82nd Airborne Division and served in Iraq for almost two years.

Faith Formation families gathered over 200 hygiene items for Tom's unit, including toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo and deodorant. In addition, they collected DVD's, books CD's, magazines and two huge boxes of snacks. Cash donations of $28 helped with shipping costs.

Both Marcia and Tom were moved by the generosity of the Faith Formation families and asked for continued prayers for military personnel.

"I am truly in awe at your generosity." commented Marcia. "Please continue to keep all our military personnel in your prayers. Thank you and God bless you!!"

"You and Holy Cross just made a Cavalry Squadron very happy!! We received all the boxes and I received your note too," wrote Tom. "I cannot begin to express my thanks, so please pass this on to everyone who put this together. Thank you so very much from me and all the soldiers here. We can always use the prayers too, so my request is to keep those coming as well. Go Packers!!!"

About Holy Cross Faith Formation
All children in the Holy Cross Parish Family have the right and opportunity to be educated in their faith. Children and young adults often have questions about God. The Holy Cross Parish Faith Formation program works with parents to answer these questions and to bring our young people into a closer relationship with God; a relationship which motivates them to make good moral decisions in order to live Christ-like lives. To see Faith Formation photos, click on the photo albums underneath Faith Formation Contact Information on the right hand side of the blog.

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