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A Mother's Day Reflection

Submitted by Ms. Marti Burkard

In just a few short days we will be celebrating Mother's Day. I am in the unique position of looking at this special day from both the perspective of being a daughter, and from the perspective of having daughters of my own.

"God could not be everywhere, so He made mothers."

Like me, if you are the mother of children growing up in today's world, we may sometimes wonder how much of an impact we are having on our children's lives. At times, the influences of teachers, peers, television, video games and even the government may seem to undermine and outweigh our own. Make no mistake; there is no underestimating the impact and the opportunity we have to shape the character of our children. The challenge we have as mothers is to take advantage of those few short years that our children are with us, to make a positive lasting contribution to the glory of God.

As my own mother did before me, I look to God for encouragement and strength with the daunting task of nurturing the spiritual life of my two daughters who are now young adults. While motherhood has certainly been a source of great joy, it comes also with its challenges. Always remember that there are two crucial things going for us that offer hope for us mothers today. The inherent power of being a mother, and the dynamic power of a loving God.

May we take time in the days to come to thank our mother's for all they do for us. May God continue to bless them with health and keep them strong.

Marti Burkard is the Faith Formation Director for the Holy Cross Parish Family. Special thanks to Flickr photographer JonathonB1989, who has made this photo available for use through the Creative Commons license. To see more of his photos, please click here.

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