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Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) System “Schools United for Excellence”

Name and Logo Roll-Out Big Success

Over 350 students and adults gathered for the New Name and Logo Roll-Out Event at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 29, at St. Thomas More School at 650 So. Irwin Street in Green Bay. The celebration featured Bishop David Ricken, President Carol Conway-Gerhardt, representatives from the diocese, representatives from the 23 parishes and 10 schools, and espe-cially students as the name and logo were revealed.

Students, faculty and staff along with parishioners in the Green Bay area parishes voted in late January/early February for the new name and logo. Bishop Ricken reviewed the results and confirmed the name and logo to be Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) System with beautiful blue "water cross" as the logo.

Students prepared the first two verses of a system song to the melody of "Amazing Grace." When the last verse was sung by a couple of students and staff, the logo and name were revealed. Applause greeted the unveiling of the name and logo. Each school received a 4 X 8 foot banner with the new name and logo alongside the school’s current name and logo to be displayed on each school building. Each school will retain its name and identity while being identi-fied with the larger system through the overall name and logo.

Bishop Ricken honored the occasion with a declaration that the system needed to have its own patron saint at the same time as the schools and parishes have their own patron saints. He declared Our Lady of Grace as the patron saint of the Catholic school system in the Green Bay area.

President Conway-Gerhardt expressed deep appreciation for all of the work being contributed to ensure a smooth transition from parish schools to system schools, especially the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees, and the principals.

Two major announcements occurred based upon the establishment of the new name and logo. President Conway-Gerhardt announced an enrollment campaign to take place now for the fall 2009 but also for the following year 2010 with the goal of increasing student enrollment by 10% to over 3,000 students. She also announced an investment campaign to communicate the need for donors to contribute to the new school sys-tem to ensure growth in the schools. The goal is to raise one million dollars over the next two years to assure opportunities for every school, support that is far-reaching, and growth.

Several draft transition documents are on the website for input: "Proposed School Site Advisory Council," "Proposed School Planning Transition," and "Proposed Tuition Concepts." The CSEABA (now GRACE) website (http://sites.google.com/site/cseabainc/home) provides copies.

With the new name and logo will come a new website and a new URL. For the time being, the website listed above will be used. The new name and logo with explanation can be found on the current website.

Monthly open BOT meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at Annunciation (Entrance No. 5) have a twenty-minute open forum for public input early in the meeting. Those wishing to attend or speak are requested to contact names in the footer below.

Contact President Carol Conway-Gerhardt at cconwaygerhardt@gbdioc.org or 920-360-1900 or Barb Van Beek, adm. assist., at bvan-beek@gbdioc.org with comments, questions or suggestions.

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