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Youtube's newest sensation spurs discussion among Christian columnists

The Susan Boyle story has certainly taken the world by storm. The video of Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent has been viewed over 50 million times via various Youtube videos. (If you haven't seen the Youtube video, you can see it by clicking here.) Christian columnists and news organizations have had much to say about the story. The links below offer just a few of the many perspectives offered to date:

Susan Boyle and the Love of God, by James Martin, S.J., writing in America: the National Catholic Newsweekly.

Why does video of Susan Boyle move us?, by Michael Paulson, in Articles of Faith.

Why Do We Love Susan Boyle? by Sarah Pulliam on the Hermeneutics Blog.

Can’t get enough of Susan Boyle? on The Anchoress Blog.

The beauty that matters is always on the inside, by Colette Douglas Home, in The Herald.

Parish choir singer Susan Boyle becomes overnight sensation, from the Catholic News Agency.

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