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Sneak peek of the HCCS Auction booklet now available!

Hey everyone! We are pulling together the final details for the big day Saturday! Wait until you see some of the stuff we have! Each HCCS class has it's own ceramic art project and this year these class projects will be a part of the silent auction. The live auction has 3 all-school art projects that are VERY COOL - each child had a hand in creating these pieces of art. I think you will all love them! There are a couple of great parties in there and some fun events with the teachers/staff at Holy Cross as well.

As I mentioned in earlier correspondence, there will be a number of raffles (earrings, Pandora Bracelet, desserts & booze wagon) - so bring some cash along! We will be also playing a fun Heads N Tails Game after dinner to help get everyone fired up for the Live Auction.

As usual, there is something for everyone here. A payment note - Holy Cross does pay a service fee for all credit card transactions. Accordingly, while we want to be sure to make things as easy as possible Saturday night, if paying by check would be convenient, it does help our bottom line!

I want to thank everyone for their participation in this year's auction. And be sure to take a sneak peek at the auction booklet by clicking here!

Holy Cross Auction Committee

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