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Register your child for Vacation Bible School!

Vacation Bible School is a five-day adventure featuring fun, crafts, music, and active Bible learning. By visiting different Bible cities each day, children will investigate the circumstances surrounding Paul’s life change and travel to Damascus to meet Ananias. They will talk to a lame man who was healed in Lystra. Uncover the secret of Paul’s joy at a prison in Philippi. Meet the Epicureans and Stoics in Athens. And at some point in their assignment, stop at the island of Malta to examine the evidence related to a mysterious shipwreck. You won’t want to miss it!!
Bring your friends!

Kids Age 4 through Grade 4 won’t want to miss any of the excitement of these sessions. Young people in grades 5-8 can sign up to be helpers and high school students lead in each of the sights daily. Each session will be held at St. Louis Parish Religious Education Center in Dyckesville, Monday-Friday June 15-19, from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Register by June 12, 2009. Fee is $22 per child. Registration forms will be a available soon in school, faith formation and at the entrances of Church in the coming weeks. Questions? Call 866.2842.

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