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New Community Shelter Update: Eve personally delivered her cash donation….

It was a Monday – actually this past Monday – the day after Easter. Mondays are REALLY busy for us here at the Shelter, especially following a holiday. Everyone was catching up on all that usually occurs over the weekend – both good and challenging. The priority of the day was preparing for the next day’s press conference. As we each began the day “spinning in our own New Community Shelter worlds,” some visitors walked through our front door. Kim –- who is always at our front desk--welcomed the two and asked if she could help them.

The woman shared that they were here to deliver a donation for the shelter. Kim ALWAYS enjoys hearing THAT!! The woman told Kim that actually Eve was the one who was making the donation. Kim immediately noticed Eve was carrying an envelope. Eve began to empty the envelope of money on the counter, and she and Kim counted it. While Kim filled out a donation receipt for Eve, Kim asked Eve why she chose to give all of the money to the New Community Shelter? Eve stated when she saves enough/a lot she sometimes gives it to the church. This time, she chose the New Community Shelter.

After Eve & Kim counted all of the money – Kim asked if it would be ok to take Eve’s picture because she was SO IMPRESSSED with Eve and her generosity...

After I got out of my meeting that morning I noted I had received an email from Kim alerting me to the news that we had received a cash donation earlier that morning. Clipped to my door was an envelope that included a grand total of $4.20 (three dollar bills and some change) and a copy of the donation receipt made out to Eve, who we’re guessing is between five and six years old. Eve had saved up some of her allowance money and also some money she received for Easter.

In so very many ways...that is the most impactful & memorable donation we’ve received this year...we are so very proud to be associated with people like Eve and her mom!!

Please be aware that the New Community Shelter’s Annual Appeal kicked off this month. This is a necessary campaign designed to raise the funds needed to offer the many resources & services we provide to the growing number of those in need in our community.

Our 2009 Goal is $75,000.

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