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Catholic School System unveils name, logo

Submitted by Barb Conard
Photos by Kathy Janquart

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April 29, 2009 was the “roll out” of the name and logo for the new consolidated Catholic education system, held at St. Thomas More. The sixth grade class represented Holy Cross at the unveiling where they received a banner featuring both the new system logo and that of Holy Cross. Each of the ten catholic schools will hang their banners outside of their school buildings to announce their school participation in the GRACE system.

The logo for the new “GRACE” system was designed by Holy Cross’s own Nikki Goral. This logo represents the local, natural landscape of the bay, and is shown in the waving action from left to right in the “arms” of the cross. The blue coloration is simple and draws from the bay and sky. The “movement” in the icon shows growth towards godly life. It features the life process of growing up and returning the gifts we have been given, through the graduation of small dots to larger dots. It shows the evolution of the students and the system itself. The font selection is clean and contemporary, easily read and comprehended from a distance. The entire logo represents an upward movement of growth and the tagline, “Schools United for Excellence” reflects this ideal as well.

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