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And so begins the most holy days of our church year: the "Triduum"

Greetings from Faith Formation!

The word Triduum actually means “three days.” We mark the days from sundown to sundown, so we actually celebrate Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, and
Easter Sunday.

Today, on Holy Thursday, we recall the Last Supper, the first Eucharist ever. We feel privileged to carry on this sacred tradition. Our Mass will be at 7:00pm and I am looking forward to seeing you all tonight at Mass.

The next day, Good Friday, we meet during the sacred hours of the afternoon. Our Communion Service will be at 1:00pm here at Holy Cross and I look forward to seeing you there as well. We remember Jesus’ death and honor the cross that led to our salvation.

The Easter Vigil begins on Holy Saturday evening. We hear our family history of salvation. We welcome new members into the Church. We learn of Jesus’ new life. We know that we, too, share in salvation. Our journey ends happily. I look forward to seeing you there as well as I am honored to be a Eucharistic Minister at our 8:00pm Vigil Mass.

I look forward to seeing you all this evening at our Holy Thursday Mass at 7:00pm. I'd like to close with an Easter thought:

If Not For Easter
If not for Easter, the chaos of this world would be all there is and all there ever would be.If not for Easter, the unfairness of life would drive us to despair.

But God sent His Son to give eternal life filled with peace, happiness,
and unimaginable blessings to those who choose Him.

All we have to do is choose Him.
Happy, Happy Easter!

Peace and all good,

About Holy Cross Faith Formation
All children in the Holy Cross Parish Family have the right and opportunity to be educated in their faith. Children and young adults often have questions about God. The Holy Cross Parish Faith Formation program works with parents to answer these questions and to bring our young people into a closer relationship with God; a relationship which motivates them to make good moral decisions in order to live Christ-like lives. To see Faith Formation photos, click on the photo albums underneath Faith Formation Contact Information on the right hand side of the blog.

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