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A little springtime news from the New Shelter...

(Dated March 20, 2009)

Used Furniture:
The good news is...many people are successfully moving out of the shelter into their own apartments. The challenge for some, is the basic odds and ends needed to set up that apartment like: a bed, dresser, pots & pans, dishes, silverware, bedding, lamps, etc. We have one gentleman who is quite EXCITED that he has his apartment, but as of today he has no bed. What I’d like to do is request that if you or someone you know may have usable furniture that you’d like to give to someone who can use it that you let us know. Unfortunately we do not have the room to store much here at the shelter (which reminds me I am still looking and hoping for the donated use of a storage unit located near the shelter) but I can begin to compile a list of contact info for people looking to donate such items. As our residents plan to move out we can contact the potential donor and see if they are still interested in donating the item. Today the urgent need is a BED.

Storage Unit:
Occasionally we are LUCKY to be the recipient of large supplies of paper products. The challenge comes when it’s time for us to find a place to store the items. If anyone knows of anyone out there who may be willing to donate the use of a storage facility – it would MAKE MY DAY!!! It would be especially awesome if it was somewhere near the shelter.

STADIUM BIKE supports the New Community Shelter!!!
For the second straight year, Stadium Bike will support the New Community Shelter when they hold their Annual Spring Sale March 25- April 1. What the promotion entails is in addition to a sale on their bikes – they are inviting the public to bring a used bike to the store for the New Community Shelter. For every bike donation they receive they will give the donor $10 off a new bike purchase, and a coupon good for a free 12-pack of Baumeister Root Beer courtesy of our very own board of directors member, Gary Ziegelbauer of Triangle Distributing. You do NOT have to purchase a bike in order to donate one. Last year several people from the community dropped off bikes just because we were getting them!

If you know anyone interested in purchasing a new bike, or know anyone that has a bike they are no longer using, please encourage them to bring it to Stadium Bike.

Random Needs:
We are in need of simple hand can openers for use in our Kitchen.
We are also in need of additional irons for our resident Laundry Room.
Men’s and women’s undies – men’s t-shirts, socks, etc.
2 picnic tables
Clothes Hangers
AA Batteries
Resume Paper for resident use in seeking employment
Tons of sealable Ziploc Bags
TONS of 30 Gallon Garbage Bags

Bike Fund:
Due to the fact that bicycles are our resident’s primary option for transportation, we are always looking for donations of bicycles. Often we get in non-working bikes that are in need of repair. Currently we do not budget for this expense. Many times parts from non-working bikes are used to repair other non-working bikes. Certainly that works--however, our typical expense with regard to repair is in relation to things like inner tubes, patch kits, etc. Of the nearly 800 people we served in shelter last year, we were able to distribute over 275 bikes at a cost to us of close to $700 associated to repairs.

We also provide each resident that requests and receives a bicycle, a bike lock to avoid the potential of theft. My hope is that there might be a group or business out there that might be willing to sponsor the cost of a Bike Fund that we can draw from to address our resident’s need for this form of transportation.

Some more help for those in need:
You have probably heard about the fire that occurred on the east side early this morning. Many people were displaced. The Red Cross is doing there magic to get people temporarily housed. We were contacted and asked if someone needed a housing option that might extend past the housing provided today. Could we help some people out? We said of course!!

Think SPRING!!

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