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Holy Cross Catholic School Auction to feature stimulus package

Submitted by the Holy Cross Auction Committee.

Auction planning is really winding up and we have some great things going on this year!

We have our very own Holy Cross Stimulus Package! Starting next week we will begin selling raffles tickets for a $2,500 cash prize! The tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. The tickets will be distributed to each HCCS family next week. There will be two turn-in dates: Friday April 3rd and Wednesday April 15th. To purchase tickets, contact an HCCS family or the school office at 468.0625.

Just think of what you or your friends, family or neighbors could do with $2,500! Here are some ideas:

* Pay for an entire year's tuition at Holy Cross and have some leftover!

* Pay for groceries for several months!

* Fill up your SUV 60+ times!

* Expand your Stock portfolio with some great deals!

* Plan a family getaway!

In addition to our Cash Raffle, there will be two jewelry raffles the night of the auction.

You will have the chance to win a gorgeous pair of diamond hoop earrings! These earrings are 14K white gold and diamond hoop earrings - channel set in a vertical row with 11 princess cut diamonds each (22 diamonds total). The tickets for these are being sold the night of the auction, but if you are unable to attend for some reason and would like a chance to win these, please e-mail Becky Kaye at cbkaye@centurytel.net.

We will also be raffling a Pandora Bracelet. There will only be 50 tickets sold for this raffle! It is a Sterling Silver Pandora charm bracelet with the Pandora snap clasp. It includes two starburst clips and three charms! Since there are only a limited number of tickets being sold for this, tickets can only be purchased the night of the auction!

In addition, we will carry on the tradition of the "Booze Raffle" as well as the sale of our great desserts!

The auction will take place on Saturday, April 18th at 5:00 p.m. at the Riverside Ballroom. If you haven't bought your tickets, please contact the school office at 468.0625.

We have a great thing going at Holy Cross - the faculty, staff, students and families are all key elements in the great school community that we are a part of! Our auction plays a key role in helping to fund the operation of our school - and to allow Holy Cross to continue to provide our children with a strong, faith integrated education that provides them the morals, values and life skills needed to become great students and great citizens in our communities and in our world!

The auction committee is working hard to facilitate another great auction this year – however the success of the Auction is up to you! We are looking forward to your attendance, participation and donations!

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