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Catholic Schools Education Alliance: Bishop Ricken Featured at New Name & Logo Roll-Out Event plus Input Requested for Proposals

Bishop Ricken, a strong proponent of Catholic schools, will be featured at the new name and logo roll-out event for CSEABA schools and parishes during the morning of April 29. One of the schools will host the event with children, staff and parents from the other schools participating in the celebration.

Current CSEABA schools will retain their names and logos while being identified with the larger system through the overall name and logo. Details of the event will be published in the near future.

When the CSEABA Board of Trustees (BOT) met on March 10th, the members approved several draft transition documents for feedback. One draft document is entitled “Proposed School Site Advisory Council.” The idea would be to provide site-based input at each school by replacing or combining Boards of Education and/or Home and School officers into a School Site Advisory Council while recognizing the Board of Trustees that leads the operation of the system of schools.

Another draft document called “Proposed School Planning Transition” focuses on a process for coordinated decision-making prior to the system being fully operational in 2011-12. The purpose is to recognize that any structural or program changes in individual schools may prompt the expectation of such structural or program changes in all of the schools.

A third document entitled “Proposed System Tuition Policy” seeks to have parents and other stakeholders consider options related to tuition: uniform tuition, modified standard tuition, site-based tuition, or base tuition (and alternative funding). Right now tuition varies throughout the schools by as much as $600. The goal is to find the best tuition approach as a system.

The CSEABA website (http://sites.google.com/site/cseabainc/home) provides copies of the proposals listed above. Opinions can be sent electronically to names listed in footer below.

Cindi Brawner, executive director of the Catholic Foundation, presented at the BOT meeting and is assisting the Development Committee.

The Finance/Facilities Committee is designing budget models two to three years into the future in order to predict expenses and revenues when the entire instructional program, including personnel, is operated by the system. The recommended model will be presented to the Board of Directors on June 3, 2009.

Effectively transitioning personnel to the system, excellent education and vital Catholic Identity are priorities for every system school.

Monthly open BOT meetings on the second Tuesday of the month have a twenty-minute open forum for public input early in the meeting. Those wishing to attend or speak are requested to contact: President Carol Conway-Gerhardt at cconwaygerhardt@gbdioc.org or 920.360.1900 or Barb Van Beek, adm. assist., at bvanbeek@gbdioc.org.

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