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1 Math Bowl + 12 hard-working HCCS students = big congrats from Mrs. Sato

Just a short note of KUDOS!, CONGRATULATIONS!, WELL DONE! to all of our students who participated at the Math Bowl March 19. We went with three teams, one from grade 6, grade 7 and one from grade 8. There were over 400 students at the event from Green Bay, Oshkosh, Appleton, etc. Though we did not win any medals, we are very proud to announce that each team placed in the top third of their respective division.

It was a tough time working math all afternoon. Here is an example of one problem from the Algebra division: A man signs a contract to work 12 months and be paid $240 and a horse. He quits at the end of 7 months and is paid $100 and a horse. How much is the horse worth?

I, your math teacher, am so very proud of all of you: Mack, Katelyn, Sam, Jeremy, Taylor, Abby, Emily, Jakob, Ben, Leslie, Pamela and Danny.

Mrs. Jo Sato
Math Teacher
Holy Cross Catholic School

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